Plastic Division

Manufacturing Infrastructure

MIL's state-of-the-art factory at Gummidipoondi near Chennai, with an annual installed capacity of 50 Metric Tonnes of Fluoropolymer Resins, has a built up area of 1050 sq.m. and a standby DG set to meet our power requirements. The manufacturing facilities include the following Plant & Machinery

Custom designed & Built Process Controllable Paste Extruder
Imported Flaring Machines - 2 nos.
Imported 9 M long Micro-Processor controlled Sintering Oven for paste extruded Tubes
Sintering Oven for moulded components
Die Heating Oven
Baking Oven for coated components
Assorted Moulds, Dies and Toolings, both imported and indigenous
Motorised Winches - 2 nos.
Hydraulic Presses 500 MT, 50 MT, 30 MT, 25 MT - 1 no. each & Hand Press - 2 Nos.
Resin Mixer
Electronic Weighing Balance
Hot Air Dryer
Drilling Machine
Air Compressor
Air Conditioned Room for storing PTFE Resin
Tensile Testing Machine
Specific Gravity Testing Machine
High Voltage Spark Tester 0 - 25 KV for checking the continuity of PTFE Lining
Hydraulic Test Equipment
Tube Furnace for incineration with inert gas atmosphere facility