Rubber Lining Division

Major Achievement

More than 100 proven rubber compound recipes / formulations.
Rubberlined around one and half million both at Factory and Sites
Pioneer in Cold Bond Lining and lined over one million by Cold Bond Technique
Single largest order executed using Cold Bond Lining Technique - 7 Storage Tanks and 12 Process Equipment adding to 31,000 sq.m. - 4 Tanks of size 34 M Dia x 14 M Ht. for M/s National Chemical and Fertilizer Company (SAFCO), Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Application completed in record 4 months.
Rubberlined 10,000 for Industries Chemiques du Senegal (ICS) through Krebs - Speichim, France
Rubberlined 20,000 for Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company, Eshidiya, Jordan
Rubberlined over 100,000 for Indian Farmers Fertilzer Cooperative Ltd, Paradeep (previously OSWAL)
Presently executing an Order from Jordan India Fertiliser Company (JIFCO), Jordan for Rubber & Carbon Brick lining on Phos. Acid Storage Tanks - 4 Nos. for an area of around 11600