Rubber Lining Division

Product Range

MILGERLAN Product Range
Corrosion Resistant Rubber Lining - For process equipment/vessels, storage tanks, ducts, columns and other specialized items.
Abrasion Resistant Rubber lining - For chutes, hoppers, launders, bins, ball mills, cyclones, ducts etc
Rubber Lined Pipes & Fittings and Equipment including Fabrication- For both corrosive and abrasion resistant services as per client's requirement
Fabrication and Rubber lining of Process Equipment / Vessels - As per client's requirement
Special Lining and Gaskets - In Hypalon, Neoprene, Butyl, Nitrile, EPDM and Natural Rubber
Rubber Sheets - Natural and Synthetic rubber Pre-vulcanised sheets for Chemical & Abrasion resistance
Water Proof Membranes - Flexible membranes of Butyl, EPDM and Butyl / EPDM for Lining of canals, dam beds and structures, effluent pits, evaporation ponds, roofings, etc.
Ebonite Products - Tubular liquid distribution and distance pieces resistant to chemicals and temperature
Special Rubber Putty and Special Adhesives- For all types of repairs at client's factory

MILGERLAN Rubber Compounds For Different Applications
Soft Natural Rubber 30oA - 70oA Suitable upto 70oC. Lower hardness compounds for abrasive conditions and higher hardness compounds for chemical resistance
Semi-Ebonite Natural Rubber 60oD - 70oD Suitable upto 100oC.Resistant to chemicals except chlorine and chlorine-based compounds
Black Semi-Ebonite Natural Rubber 65oD - 75oD Suitable for fluorine, caustic Soda ( Low Ca, Mg Si) & Membrane cell Industry upto 100oC
Ebonite Natural Rubber 75oD - 85oD Suitable upto 100oC. Highly resistant to chemical attack including chlorine and chlorine - based compounds
Neoprene 60oA - 70oA Suitable upto 110oC. Has good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance even in presence of mineral oil
Butyl / Chloro Butyl / Bromo Butyl 50oA - 60oA Resistant to most chemicals of temperature upto 100oC. Has excellent water - proofing and weathering characteristics.
Hypalon 55oA - 65oA Has excellent resistance against sulphuric acid, chromic acid and other oxidizing agents even upto 120oC
Food Grade Natural Rubber 60oA - 70oA Suitable for Pharmaceutical & Syrup processing industries upto 70oC
Nitrile Ebonite 70oD - 75oD Suitable upto 110oC. Resistant to mineral oils and many solvents
Silicone Rubber 40oA - 80oA Suitable for temperature range 30oC to 180oC. Resistant to oxidation effect and most chemicals. Has also excellent weathering characteristics.
Soft/Hard/Soft (Triplex type-triple layer) 55oA - 69oA Suitable for combined resistance to chemical, abrasion and mechanical shocks upto 90oC
EPDM 70oA - 80oA Suitable upto 100oC. Resistant to most chemicals. Used extensively for gaskets. Has excellent water proofing and weathering characteristics
Viton (Moulding Compound) 70oA - 80oA Suitable upto 180oC. Resistant to highly corrosive Chemicals and oils.

The above chart is only general in nature. We recommend that our experts be consulted for selection of lining compounds specific to each case.

Vulcanization Technique

MIL employs two of the largest autoclaves in the country for vulcanizing factory-lined equipment. The Cold Bond Technique pioneered by MIL in India has been accepted as the most suited for site lining of large storage tanks, particularly under tropical conditions.

  Autoclave Vulcanization
  Internal Pressure (High / Low) Vulcanization
  Exhaust Steam / Hot Water Vulcanization
  Cold Bond System