At Rubber Lining Factory
Description of Lab Equipment/Instrument (Imported)
Monsanto Rheometer ODR 2000 - USA For studying Rheological properties of Rubber compounds (cure characteristic viscosity & scorch time)
Wallace Plastimeter - UK For measuring plasticity of Raw Rubber and Rubber compounds
Mooney Viscometer For determining the viscosity of Raw Rubber /Rubber compounds and scorch time of Rubber compounds
Rheometer For testing Rheological properties of Rubber compounds
Universal Testing Machine - 9000 series (1000 Kgs capacity) For studying various physical properties of materials (Rubber, Fabric & steel wires)
Universal Testing Machine (250 Kgs capacity) TIRA, GERMANY For testing tensile properties of vulcanized Rubber
Densimeter Lhomorgy - FRANCE For testing specific gravity
DIN Abrader For testing Abrasion Resistance of Rubber
Compression Set Tester For testing compression set properties of vulcanised Rubber
Adhesion Tester For testing adhesive strength of Rubber to different substrates
Ageing Ovens - 4 nos For studying the ageing properties of Rubber
Slurry Abrasion Tester For testing abrasion resistance properties of Rubber in wet slurry applications
Impact Tester For testing impact resistance of Hard Rubber and Plastics
Dematia Flexometer For predicting the life of Rubber Products that undergoes dynamic application
Constant load Durometer For testing hardness of vulcanized Rubber under constant load
Resilometer For testing rebound resilience of Rubber
Duro calibrator For calibrating hardness gauges
Durometer - Shore A & Shore D For testing hardness of soft & hard rubber
Micrometer - Cardon Type For measuring thickness of Rubber specimen
Micrometer - Zivy Type For measuring thickness of Rubber specimen
Two roll mixing mill (1Kg capacity) For mixing Rubber compounds for development purpose
Hydraulic Press For moulding Rubber specimens for testing
Chemical Resistance Test Cells For studying the chemical resistance properties of Rubber
Furnaces - 2 nos For determining ash content of raw materials and Rubber compound
Melting & Boiling Point apparatus For testing melting point & boiling point of raw materials
High temperature oil bath For studying chemical resistance properties of Rubber at elevated temperature

At PTFE Factory
Description of Lab Equipment / Instrument
Microprocessor based Universal Testing Machine
Infrared, Non-contacting Extensometer for accurately determining elongation.
Density determining kit with `METLER' Analytical Balance.
High Voltage Spark Tester for checking the continuity of PTFE lining
Hydraulic Test Equipment
Tube Furnace for incineration in inert gas atmosphere