Research & Development

MIL's well equipped & full-fledged Testing and Product Development in Rubberlining, Plastic Lining, Air Pollution Control and other allied activities and has been accorded recognition in 1981 by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Govt. of India. Over three and half decades, MIL has successfully developed a number of special rubber compounds, adhesives and import substitutes to meet the growing need of corrosion resistant materials and services. A list of such products successfully developed and commercialized is given below.

Products developed and commercialized - Rubber Lining
Abrasion resistant Rubber Compound for Iron Ore Slurry
Rubber Flexible Cell Covers reinforced in two layers as import substitute
High temperature Resistant Natural Rubber Compound (90oC Phosphoric Acid)
Three Layer Lining (Soft-Hard-Soft Rubber Compound) for Phosphoric Acid Plants
Hypalon Extrusion Compound
Pressure Vulcanization of vessels at Site for vacuum service
Calcium, Magnesium free compound for membrane Cell Plants for Site Vulcanization
Exhaust/Low Pressure Curing Neoprene Compound
Rubber Expansion Joints to withstand upto 20 Kg/cm2 pressure in process lines
EPDM Gaskets for Membrane Cell based Caustic Chlorine Plants
Polyurethane Adhesive - both one component and two component
Food grade Rubber lining
NR/SBR Lining for handling PVC Latex, with improved impact strength
Exhaust Steam Curing Natural Rubber Compound
Viton Gasket for DMSRDE
Pressure Vulcanization of Pipes and Fittings at site
Silicone Rubber seal-ring for anti-surge Valve for Gas Turbine
Chlorobutyl Rubber lining for Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited
Hard Rubberlining of Butterfly Valve for Fouress Engineering for Sea Water application
Development of food grade Rubber compound
Chlorobutyl compound for Salt Producing Plant
Natural Rubberlining Compound for 85% Phosphoric Acid
Special Anti-corrosive Tank Lining for Desalination Plant
Rubber lining of Phosphoric Acid Storage Tanks and Process Equipments with High Bond strength Cold Bond Adhesive
Development of Fabric Expansion Joint to withstand high temperature such 250oC to 400oC encountered in Power Plants, Petro Chemical Industries Oil, Gas and Off Shore Installation, Cement Plants, Fertilizer Plants etc. (Flue Gas Lines, Hot Gas Ducting etc.)
New Ambient Temperature Curing Adhesive formulation for bonding pre-vulcanized Rubber to metal having very high bond strength equivalent to pressure vulcanized samples in Autoclave at high pressure & temperature
New TRIPLE LAYER compound for Phosphoric Acid / Fertilizer Industries capable of vulcanizing by internal Steam Curing method at Low Pressure and Temperature (1.4 Kg/cm2 at 120oC )
Exhaust Steam Curing (Atmospheric Pressure at 90 to 95oC) TRIPLE LAYER compound for vulcanizing large size process Tanks for Phosphoric Acid / Fertilizer Industries
Butyl /Chloro Butyl / Bromo Butyl Rubber Compounds for wet Flue Gas De Sulphurisation (WFGD) plants
Ebonite - Butyl duplex lining for Evaporator in Phosphatic Fertilizer Plants
High temperature abrasion resistant EPDM panel for granulator in Fertilizer Plants

Products developed and commercialized - Plastic Lining
ANTI-STATIC PTFE LINERS - MIL has developed Anti-static PTFE Liners by using special manufacturing process for various leading Bulk drug/Pharma and Agro chemical industries in India.
PTFE LINED METALLIC EXPANSION JOINTS - MIL has recently supplied 250 NB x 10 Convolutions and 100 NB x 4 Convolutions for M/s.IPCL, Dahej. These Expansion Joints were designed and developed by our R&D exclusively for this client as import substitutes.
MEMBRANE CELL SPECIAL PARTS - MIL feels proud to have developed Membrane Cell Special Parts involving Cathode /Anode Insert PTFE Tubes and Catholyte / Anolyte Corrugated Hoses to Caustic Chlorine Plants based on Uhde's Membrane Cell Technology.
WATER COOLING HOSES - MIL is the only indigenously qualified Vendor for supply of PTFE Hoses for Water Cooling purpose in 250 MW Turbo Generator sets to M/s.BHEL.
HIGHER SIZE PTFE EXPANSION JOINTS AND PTFE LINED PIPES & FITTINGS - MIL has technical capability and expertise of producing tailor made items to meet client's exact specifications up to 700 NB size.